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Computer Based Training

In today’s fast-paced world, it can sometimes be difficult to find the time to advance your career training. Many employees are already busy playing catch up, and few have the time to add to their work skills. However, in order to stay competitive and work more efficiently, it is imperative that all workers learn to incorporate a variety of new skills into their repertoire. Computer based training can help you to effectively increase your knowledge and practical abilities, allowing you to find greater success in the world of work.

What is Computer Based Training?
Computer based training, or CBT, can loosely be defined as any type of instruction that takes place over the computer. In computer based training, the computer assumes the place of the instructor, providing exercises, instructional materials, and feedback to the student. Computer based training is becoming extremely popular in the business sector because it can offer quick, yet intense training in important applications. Schools and individuals can also make use of computer based training.

How does Computer Based Training Work?
Computer based training is typically based on a piece of interactive software. This CBT software is created by a team of designers, and incorporates all of the knowledge that a student needs to know. Once the software has been loaded on to the computer, typically through CD-ROM, the student can access interactive tutorials, exercises, and quizzes. The student works through each of these different "lessons," picking up skills by using and practicing them with the computer based training software.

Types of Computer Based Training:
There are three main types of computer based training:


  • CD ROM Based Training: CD-ROM based training uses simple CD-ROMs to deliver tutorials to your computer. It is the most inexpensive type of computer based training and is usually only used by one student at a time.
  • LAN Based Training: LAN based training uses software that is installed on a local area network. This allows a number of different users on the same computer network to access course materials. LAN based training is typically used in schools and offices.
  • Web Based Training: Web based training uses interactive tutorials provided through the use of the Internet. Students can use Internet sources to complete activities and tests. Students may also be able to "chat" in real-time with other users of the web based training software, or engage in web conferencing.


Features of Computer Based Training
Computer based training software offers a number of unique features that can help you to learn quickly and easily. Most software packages incorporate:


  • interactive tutorials
  • glossaries of important terms
  • pop-up instructions
  • real life examples
  • instructional graphics
  • instructional video and audio
  • tests and quizzes


What Courses are Offered through Computer Based Training
Computer based training has really taken off in the past few years, and there are now hundreds of different courses available to students. No matter what your industry, there is some type of computer based training for you. Topics include:


  • computer hardwarecomputer software
  • computer programming
  • project management
  • communications
  • HR software
  • design and media
  • engineering


Benefits of Using Computer Based Training
Computer based training can offer employees and employers a number of wonderful benefits. Employees can:


  • work at their own pace
  • work according to their own schedule
  • work from home or from the office
  • get immediate feedback on assignments and tests
  • stop studying at any time without being penalized


Employers can:


  • track employee comprehension
  • cut travel costs
  • reduce time spent setting up classrooms
  • provide their employees with consistent and high quality course content


Who Should Look Into Computer Based Training?
Computer based training is highly recommended for employees who are a part of a company that:


  • employs 50 or more people
  • is constantly requiring updated skills
  • implements new processes and procedures often
  • has locations worldwide


Computer based training is also recommended for individual users who want to pick up additional career skills.


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