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Human Resources Software

The world of both big and small business can be very competitive. In order to stay one step ahead of the competition, it is important for employees and employers to remain on track and in tune with one anotherís skills and expertise. Human resources software can help companies to organize their labor force and keep track of key developments, training courses, and payroll. This can benefit both the individual worker and the entire organization, eliminating the need for time and cost-consuming paper work and allowing for the integration of a variety of administrative tasks. So, whether you are a human resource professional or just interested in upgrading your skills, HR software can help you to stay competitive and on top of your game.

What is Human Resources Software?
Human resources software, or HR software, are computer applications that are specifically designed to make the management of your companyís employees much more easy. Human resource employees often have to perform mounds of paper work, ranging from payroll to pension. This can be highly time consuming and ineffective, and can prevent a company from truly understanding how well itís human resources are operating. HR software is designed to help streamline and integrate all aspects of HR management.

HR software is often referred to as Human Resource Management Systems (HMRS). These human resource management systems make use of the internet, company intranets, and electronic databases to make it easier to record and track your employees. Each system is made up of different modules, or sections, that track specific information about human resources. This information can then be monitored and searched using one integrated database.

Who Uses Human Resources Software?
In the past, HR software was only used by big businesses that required electronic files of all of their HR information. HR software is now being used by companies of all sizes to help integrate and optimize the performance of their human resources.

What does Human Resources Software Include?
HR software is typically not offered as a complete system. Your company starts with a core program and can then purchase different software modules to help add on to this system, integrating all aspects of HR management. Depending upon the software company you choose, each module may differ a little.

The payroll module of HR software system helps you to streamline all aspects of your payroll. It allows you to:

  • print and distribute checks
  • keep files of local and federal taxes
  • manage deductions, employee work time, and attendance

Benefits Administration
The benefits administration module allows you to:

  • track employee benefits
  • track and administer pension
  • manage maternity, paternity, and parental leave

Training and Employee Development
The training management module allows you to track employee education and training. It helps you to:

  • track events and courses
  • book instructors and presenters
  • evaluate instructors and presenters
  • keep track of certificates and credits earned by employees
  • manage enrolment information for courses (such as prerequisites)
  • provide online employee evaluations
  • receive and search resumes and applications
  • send out rejection and offer letters

Personnel Records Management:
The personnel records management module helps HR employees to manage all aspects of employee history, including:

  • previous job holdings
  • education and training
  • personal contacts
  • dependents
  • salary and benefits

Benefits of Human Resources Software for the Employee
HR software systems can be very beneficial for the individual employee. These software systems can allow you to take an active part in your own career development and advancement. These systems allow you to enroll for training courses, monitor job openings, and become informed about required job skills. This information can help you to set and meet future career goals. Most HR software systems can be linked to the internet or your companyís intranet, allowing your to access it from work or at home.

Benefits of Human Resources Software for Employers
HR software systems radically reduce the amount of administration and paperwork that has to been completed by HR professionals. This saves companies valuable time and money. It also allows for better tracking of employee work profiles and skills, allowing your company to monitor employee performance and improvement.

Purchasing a Human Resources Software
HR software is available from numerous companies and can be ordered over the internet or telephone. Many companies will tailor their software to the specific needs of your company or you can purchase those modules which you feel will be of most benefit to your organization. Some companies will license their software to you for a period of one year, which can be a much less expensive option than purchasing all of the software outright. Software modules can range upwards of $1,000 and most HR software systems have at least 4 modules.

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