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Training For Today's Careers

If you are planning on making a move into today's job market, then you may be wondering exactly what skills you will need to get a great job. Today's job market is highly competitive, therefore it is important to ensure that you have all the skills and training that it takes to get the job that you want. And as the career world becomes increasingly communication-based, there are a variety of skills and tools that you will need to become familiar with in order to succeed. Here is some training that you will want to complete before heading off to your next job interview.


Computer Skills

If you have been out of the job market for a while now, you may not realize how important the computer has become in the workforce. The computer is now an essential tool that all workers must be familiar with in order to complete their daily tasks. Whatever your job - teacher, lawyer, or salesperson - computer skills are mandatory in order for you to succeed.

Basic Computer Skills
All personnel should at least be comfortable with their basic computer skills. So before you apply for a new job, you may want to undergo some computer skills training in order to whip your computer knowledge into shape. In particular, you will need training in:


  • sending and retrieving email
  • using the Internet for research and downloading
  • word processing
  • database management
  • creating presentations


Training courses are available at a number of schools, community colleges, and continuing education programs. These courses help to familiarize new workers with the basic computer skills that they will use in any job. If you don't have time to head back to school for a quick refresher course, check out distance learning opportunities at your local community center of college.

Specialized Computer Skills
Specialized computer skills are becoming an increasing requirement for employees in today's workforce. Not only are jobs becoming more competitive, but as fellow job seekers become better trained, you may find that you need some extra-special training in computers in order to be able to compete with others. You may want to pursue training in:


  • basic computer programming (including HTML)
  • payroll software
  • graphic design
  • accounting software


This type of training is often available directly from your employer, through the use of a company-wide learning management system. Or, you can opt to take courses at an online college or university in order to hone these special computer skills.


Interpersonal Skills

Gone are the days when your employer would have you complete all of you daily tasks and duties alone at your desk. Instead, jobs are now becoming increasingly communication-based, and thus require superb communication skills. And while it might seem that specialized training for these interpersonal skills is a little bit over-the-top, you would be surprised at how few employees actually have even the most basic interpersonal skills. Yet employers rate interpersonal skills as one of the first things they look for when considering employees for permanent positions and promotions. It is particularly important that you receive training in:


  • Communication: Communication is not always done over email. You will also need to know how to talk over the phone and communicate in person with important clients and coworkers. Without the proper communication skills, it will be impossible for you to express your goals or meet the needs of those around you.
  • Teamwork: Teamwork is one of the most important skills that you can have in today's job market. Employers are looking for workers who can contribute their own ideas, but also want people who can work with others to create and develop projects and plans. Team-building courses and retreats are becoming increasingly popular, so you may want to think about attending a teamwork training course in order to sharpen your skills.
  • Negotiation: Negotiation is a part of everybody's job nowadays. You will find that you will need to negotiate with clients, coworkers, and your employer in order to get the job done right. Negotiation is a skill that requires time and practice, so it is well worth it to receive proper training in the negotiation field.



Transferable Skills

Gone are the days when employees would spend 20 or 30 years at a single job. Instead, today's job market is much more fast-paced, featuring a number of short-term and contract positions. In order to be successful, it is necessary that you have transferable job skills that you can apply to different positions in a wide range of industries. Think about getting training in:


  • Writing: Writing skills are often overlooked by people in favor of computer skills and other specialized types of training. But writing is required in almost every industry and you will find that your job requires you to write something every single day. Make sure that you have the best writing skills possible by taking a Business Writing course at your local community college or adult education center. No matter what job you are applying for, these writing skills will come in handy.
  • Presentation Skills: Presentation skill are important no matter what industry you are working in. If you can make a great presentation, you are showing your employer that you are motivated, well organized, and have excellent communication skills. Courses teaching presentation skills are becoming increasingly popular, so try to find one at your local career or job skills center.
  • Time Management: Time management is essential to every job, whatever the industry. It is important that you have the skills to manage numerous tasks at one time, meet deadlines, and stay organized. Time management training is often available at job training centers as well as local community colleges and adult education courses.



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