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Web Conferencing

In order to stay one step ahead in the career world, you need to be able to share information with others easily and efficiently. Whether you work for a big company with locations around the world, or a small company that is located in only one city, it is not always possible to connect with coworkers and clients in person, in order to get the information that you need. Web conferencing is an efficient and mobile way to stay connected with others, no matter how far away people may be. So whether you are looking to solidify your career skills or are eager to help your employees manage projects more efficiently, find out more about web conferencing.

What is Web Conferencing?
Web conferencing is becoming more and more popular, particularly as businesses and industries become increasingly globalized. Web conferencing basically refers to any meeting that is conducted through the worldwide web. Instead of meeting face to face in a boardroom, conference participants talk and exchange data and images over the internet. Web conferencing can involve a meeting between just two people, or it may involve a meeting between dozens of people located all over the world. With web conferencing, location no longer matters.

Who Uses Web Conferencing?
Web conferencing is now used in a variety of fields. Web conferencing is often used for:


  • sales
  • various business applications
  • education (elementary and secondary schools, as well as institutes of higher learning)
  • connecting family and friends


How Does Web Conferencing Work?
Web conferencing works by allowing participants to logon to one shared central computer system. If you are hosting a web conference, you will book a time and date for that conference. You will then send out email invitations to all those whom you would like to be present at the conference. Users will be allowed to logon to the web conference by providing a password or their internet protocol address, thereby giving them access to this shared computer system. Once users are logged on to this central system, everyone can share information, talk with one another, and even see one another.

Why Use Web Conferencing?
Online web conferencing is essential, particularly in today’s fast paced business world. Web conferencing can help link together employers and employees who are located in different places around the world. This makes planning projects, sharing information, and coordinating human resources much more easy. Web conferencing is also available any time you need it, so you can access information quickly and easily, 24 hours a day. Web conferencing helps you cut down significantly on travel costs while still maintaining close ties with coworkers and employees working from distant locations.

What Features Does Web Conferencing Offer?
Web based conferencing services typically include a variety of different features that you can make use of during your virtual meetings. Depending upon the type of web conferencing software you decide to use, you may have more or fewer features to choose from. Most web conferencing software offers the following features:


  • Real Time Chats: Real time chats allow you and your conference participants to talk with one another in real time. This means that there are no delays when people in different locations decide to speak. Instead, all audio continues smoothly, just like in a real-life conference.
  • Video Conferencing: Most web conferences allow you to video conference at the same time. This means that you will be able to see and hear each conference participant.
  • File Transfers: Numeorus web conferencing programs allow you to transfer text, audio, and images to other conference participants, easily and quickly.
  • Application Sharing: Application sharing allows you and other conference participants to see and share software applications that you are currently using on your desktop.
  • Whiteboarding: Whiteboarding allows conference participants to draw graphics and share them with other conference participants.


What Do You Need to Conduct a Web Conference?
In order to conduct a basic web conference you will need a few fundamental pieces of equipment. Be sure that you have:


  • a computer (laptop or desktop)
  • an internet browser
  • a phone
  • an internet connection of 56kbps or better
  • web conferencing software
  • voice over IP (if you want to hear your conference participants)
  • web cam (if you want to see conference participants)


Cost of Web Conferencing
The cost of web conferencing can vary depending upon the type of web conferencing software you select. Web conferencing software can include a wide variety of features, and the more features your software offers, the more it will probably cost. Affordable web conferencing can be found by leasing software on a monthly or yearly basis or by participating in a pay-as-you-go plan. Web conferencing software can cost as little as 15 cents a minute with certain software providers.


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