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Today, the hottest social networking arena is Facebook. People of all ages are building profiles and making friends with this brilliant utility. Lots of people start facebook accounts at the behest of their children or in order to find old friends, and this kind of nostalgia is fun and heartwarming, but often, people overlook the fact that facebook can be used to further yourself and your career. Here are some of the ways you can use Facebook to your fullest advantage.

Outside The Circle

Don't just "friend" your old high school buddies and college roommate. Look for people who work within the same industry, or within industries in which you'd like to be involved. The best way to do this is to look for Facebook groups that have some relation to your interests or career. In this manner, you'll find people who might be able to hook you up with a potential employer or help you make a sale.

Cross All T's

Make sure you fill out your Facebook profile in as complete a manner as possible. This entails filling in all the available fields. That should ensure that the people you want to interest, will want to find and "friend" you.

Reach Out

Read the live news feed on your friends and make sure to comment on their updates and photos. Watch to see whose birthday is displayed and wish them many happy returns of the day. This helps get you known.

Be Interesting

You can post Youtube videos to your wall to give people some idea of your taste in humor, music, your political views, and etc. If you find a humorous or interesting article online, you can post the link on your wall. If you have a promotional video, you can upload a link to the youtube address within your profile.

Market Yourself

If you tag people in photos, those people get a notice on their walls, and their friends can find you. The more you interact, the more you widen the number of people who can get to know you on Facebook. Consider building your own group where people who share common interests can gather. Create an application to distribute to your entire friend list.


Keep changing your profile, at least once a day. Otherwise, people will stop looking out for you and what you have to say. If you keep things current, you'll have more traffic at your wall and greater exposure.


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