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If you're a single mother on a budget, or interested in finally making the leap to a higher level of education, but without wanting to invest your hard-earned cash, free online adult education is a concept that is worth exploring. The fact is that quality education is out there on the information highway, free for the taking, and there's a wealth of academic disciplines on offer.

One major website provides cost free courses via email on hundreds of different topics. You can find a course on anything from Beginning Forestry to Teaching English as a Second Language (ESL). That's not to say that all of the courses are good or even useful. For instance, a course on parenting known as "Twelve Weeks of Weekend Ideas," is not likely to give you a jump start on advancing your career. Still, taking a course called, "Japan for the First Time," may be just the ticket to help you gain the skills you need for that overseas business trip.


The United States Small Business Administration (SBA) runs a website that has some very valuable courses on offer at no cost. The courses are fast-paced, with none of them taking more than a half an hour to complete. The range of topics is very broad and divided into ten categories. You can take a quick course on starting your own business, on retirement planning, or on federal tax training and you are free to drop out of any course at any time, with no obligation.

Hewlett-Packard offers a wide range of free training in operating various Microsoft programs, for instance, Excel and Adobe Photoshop. More than that, you can take courses at no cost on computer programming, web design, and more. If you have poor computing skills, this looks like an excellent place to receive training without placing any strain at all on your wallet.

Learnthat offers free online classes in such topics as computers, business, personal finance, and more. The class of the moment is featured at the top of the home page with one recent class on offer in credit card debt reduction. Some of the courses appear to be less practical than others. For instance, one course topic is, "Understanding the Defensive Positions in Football."

Learn2type offers many good resources for learning to type, and boning up on particular typing skills. The site even offers certification. If you want to take a speed test or learn how to use an unusual type of keyboard, this is right up your alley. And it's all for free.

Free-ed net is a very well-done site, user-friendly, and filled with good and useful courses for free. If you've always wanted to learn astronomy or electronics, now's your chance!

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