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Intel Convertible Classmate PC

Intel has just launched its newest version of the Classmate PC known as the Intel Convertible Classmate PC. Since the target market for this product is kids, Intel decided to celebrate the launch by bringing fifth grade students to the Center Park Zoo in New York City where each child was given a Classmate PC to explore.

New Incarnation

The newest incarnation of this device has many advantages over previous versions. Not only is there enhanced performance, memory, and storage, but the PC can adapt to various modes. Kids can use it as a clamshell but it can also be used like a tablet PC. A youngster can choose to run the device in either portrait or landscape mode.

Water Resistant

But the Classmate PC is also made to withstand the natural carelessness of children. The device has a rubberized coating so it's not so easy for the PC to slip out of a child's hands. It's got a handle to make the PC easy to carry, and there's hard drive protection; an absolute necessity because you just know your kid is going to drop the thing and bang it around. It also has a water resistant keyboard and display plus a long-lasting battery that should hold a charge for an entire school day. As for safety concerns, there's venting on the side of the PC so that heat can't build up and harm a child as he holds the device.

Copycat Versions

After the original version of Classmate PC came out, many other copycat versions came on the market, with Disney, Dell, and Nickelodeon vying for their market share. Still, Classmate PC remains unique in its focus on being an all-around educational tool. At the launch, Intel also announced it had joined up with McGraw Hill to offer an educational solution for K-5 students called LEAD21. This is a language and literacy arts program for teachers and students that contains a variety of resources and tools for both professionals and students to draw on including ePractice activities, and Online Coach.

The children at the Classmate PC launching had a blast. They looked as though they'd been using the PCs all their lives, though none of them had ever used one before. At the Central Park Zoo that day, one could see some kids using the PC to learn math, while others read interactive books. Still others had fun interacting with a LEGO bot that was connected up to some of the PCs.

Love It!

Some of the children carried the PCs with them as they went off to explore the zoo. These adventurers employed the PC's tablet function to draw pictures of the animals they saw and even managed to conduct a science experiment in the tropical rain-forest section of the zoo. When adults asked the kids what they thought of the Classmate PC, they all said the same thing, "I love it!"

Lots of schools everywhere in the world are placing very large orders for the Classmate PC. So far 2 million of them have been shipped to various locations. If you're thinking of buying one for your child, you may want to try a reseller such as 2Go PC where the starting price is $499.

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