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New eLearning Suite

Adobe Systems Incorporated has announced the launching of its Adobe(R) eLearning Suite 2, which has many improvements over its well-integrated, complete solution for a total eLearning experience. Adobe says its new suite can work with both Windows and Mac operating systems and allows educators in every sphere to produce interactive and multimedia educational materials. The eLearning Suite 2 is anchored by a Adobe Captivate(R) 5 and includes a variety of resources and tools such as Adobe Soundbooth(R) CS5,  Adobe Presenter 7, Adobe Acrobat(R) 9 Pro, Adobe Photoshop(R) CS5 Extended, Adobe Dreamweaver(R) CS5, and Adobe Flash(R) Professional CS5.

Media-Rich Experiences

Vice president of Print and Publishing at Adobe, Naresh Gupta issued the following statement in Adobe's press release, "Today's educational and professional learning departments are under enormous pressure to deliver impactful content quickly and efficiently. eLearning Suite 2 is a major leap forward in eLearning content creation. It addresses the challenge with its tightly integrated toolset that allows content creators to develop powerful media-rich eLearning experiences without the time and expense of programming."

The new suite performs better because it has improved aggregation abilities through Captivate 5, extensions for eLearning to be used with Flash and Dreamweaver, and an easier workflow between asset creation tools and authoring. That means that when an educator designs a course, he can now embed Adobe Photoshop CS5 (PSD) files into his Adobe Captivate project as smart objects. The images can then be updated with a single click if the original files undergo changes. The user can do this without having to start over by resaving and reinserting the images. There is a similar ease of interaction between the other components of the eLearning Suite for instance between Flash, Soundbooth, and Adobe Captivate.

Speeds Workflow

Mary McGivern, who is an Instructional Designer for Omnicell, a major provider of the latest automation to help healthcare facilities purchase, manage, deliver, and dispense supplies and medications with greater efficiency commented, "Timely, effective training on the use of our products is critical for us and our customers to meet compliance requirements. The new user interface in Adobe Captivate 5 lets me work more efficiently and is now similar to other Adobe products. This will speed up my workflow and help me meet timelines more effectively."

Adobe Captivate leads the industry in providing fast authoring capabilities for the purpose of creating demonstrations, branching scenarios, and application simulations. It does all this without any need for expertise in programming, yet it doesn't compromise on quality.

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