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Goodbye Cable

The newest way to connect to the internet is wireless, employing radio waves and microwaves to sustain online interaction between computers. Unlike wired networking, wireless networks, or WiFi, doesn't require copper or fiber optic cabling between networking devices. That means goodbye to ugly, dust-catching cable, and hello to mobility that we'd only dreamed of before. On the other hand, there are disadvantages to consider since WiFi comes with the potential for radio interference from obstructions like other wireless devices, the walls, and the weather.

Still, as WiFi technology improves and the cost of wireless products continues to drop, its popularity is increasing in the home and in businesses. Let's examine the benefits of cutting loose from cable:

Get Unchained

Mobility: Sales of laptop computers, also known as high powered notebooks (see are rising and with good reason—notebook computers are more affordable than ever before. If you have a laptop computer and a wireless home network, you don't need to be chained to cords and cables in the living room while the kids are playing cowboys and Indians around you. You can move to a quieter room, or a more comfortable venue, such as the couch or your sun porch; in short, wherever you can get the peace, quiet, and comfort that you need at that moment.

No More Cables: Corporations have the financial wherewithal to lay cable where it can't be seen by human eyes—under the floors or inside the walls. But most people don't bother to fuss with laying cable underground in their homes. We simply lack the time and the inclination to spend money on what seems like a frivolous aesthetic gripe. New home owners may have invested in a home that happens to be pre-wired with network cable, but for the rest of us, going wireless is the best way to get rid of unbecoming cable without a huge investment of time and energy.

Belong to the Future: WiFi is where networking technology is blooming for now. Be one of the earliest clients to build a Wifi home network and you've got an edge on building your knowledge base on and about this technology. You'll be in position to help your friends and relatives learn about the use of this newest networking medium and you'll be in the best position possible to accept the next advance in networking technology when it comes.

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