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As the job industry becomes increasingly competitive, more and more men and women are looking for ways to solidify their job skills and move up the corporate ladder. By heading back to school to continue their education or finish off that degree, many of these men and women are realizing more and more of their dreams and goals. But what if you simply don’t have time to head back to a traditional school? Then you might be the perfect candidate to enroll at an online college!

What is an Online College?
An online college is a type of distance education that provides students with an education beyond the high school level. Unlike a traditional college, though, an online college has no physical campus. Instead of attending classes in a brick and mortar classroom, all students participate in lectures, activities, and testing by using the internet. Online colleges are becoming increasingly popular throughout the United States, and now offer a range or programs and course to attract students of all ages.

What is it Like Attending an Online College?
When you enroll with an online college, you don’t have to worry about attending any of your classes in person. Instead, all you need is your computer and an internet connection! Online colleges have a dedicated website through which all of its courses and programs are run. When you enroll with an online college, you receive a username and password that allows you to access web pages devoted to your own college courses. Once you log on to these web pages, you can access all of the information you will need to complete your course, including:


  • lectures
  • reading materials
  • student chat rooms
  • email
  • online tests and quizzes
  • assignment outlines


What Programs are Available at an Online College?
Unlike traditional and online universities, online colleges tend to offer a wide range of programs and courses, which makes them a great choice for any student. In addition to degree, diploma, and certificate programs, you can also complete courses in subjects including:


  • mathematics
  • business
  • child development
  • social worklaw
  • tourism
  • interior design
  • computer programming


Why Attend an Online College?
There a number of benefits that attending college online can bring you. Many students enjoy online college because it offers:


  • Flexibility: Most online colleges offer courses that you can take at any time. This means that you can attend class day or night, without having to reorganize your schedule.
  • Variety: The vast majority of online colleges offer programs and courses catering to any and all needs. Whatever your interest, an online college is sure to be able to offer you exactly what you want.
  • Self-Directed Learning: If you enjoy learning at your own pace, organizing your own materials, and directing your own learning experiences, an online college has just what you need. You determine when and how you are going to study, what you would like to discuss with fellow students and your instructor, and when you will complete and submit your assignments.
  • Anonymity: Online college courses allow you to remain as anonymous as you want. Many students don’t enjoy traditional college settings because of the competitive nature of the classes and the possibility of sexual, racial, or age discrimination. Attending a college course online eliminates such discrimination.


How Do You Apply to an Online College?
Most online colleges also offer online application. All you have to do is fill out an application form and send in the appropriate application fee. In order to be accepted into a course or program you may need to:


  • provide a copy of your full high school transcripts
  • provide a copy of any college or university transcripts
  • complete certain entrance examinations, such as the GRE or LSAT.


Is an Online College for Everyone?
Though online colleges can be a great resource, especially if you are working full-time or raising a family, not everyone is cut out for online learning. You may want to think twice about enrolling with an online college if:


  • you have a hard time motivating yourself to learn
  • you enjoy attending classes in a traditional atmosphere
  • you work best with immediate feedback from your fellow students or instructors
  • you are unfamiliar with the computer, internet, and other software applications
  • you only have infrequent access to a computer with an internet connection



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